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Maxie Jones's Black Cartullo Pumps with Rhinestone Bows - General Hospital, Season 52, Episode 184, 12/23/14

December 23, 2014

On today's episode of General Hospital, Maxie and Nathan celebrated Christmas early before she headed to Portland to see Georgie. Nathan delighted Maxie with a pair of "Cartullo" shoes that she had been admiring in magazines and even placed them on her feet. Is he the Prince from Cinderella? Maxie's black suede pumps embellished with rhinestone crystal bows are the "Lissie" pumps by Kate Spade.

 Maxie's Black "Cartullo" Pumps with Rhinestone Bows. See more Kate Spade Shoes.

I love Maxie's "new shoes" cuteness!

See more Maxie Jones Fashion.   

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  1. Who makes Maxie Jones Red flared coat with a tie belt on Dec. 26, 2014 show?

  2. Ditto! I would like to know about the coat as well. It was the red coat she wore when she returned to Port Charles on the Dec 26, 2014 episode. Thanks!

  3. I would love to know who makes Maxi's red coat and cardigan. Thanks!

  4. I loved the dress and coat too, here is the info:


  5. I'm a soap fan: thank you for all your research. I'm sure this takes a lot of work & it's much appreciated! Do you consult with the wardrobe department or do you do this all on your own?

    I see above no one replied back thanking you & I just wanted you to know that I DO APPRECIATE it very much! I love your page! Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for your kind words! I don't consult with the GH wardrobe department to locate items. I enjoy playing GH fashion detective and trying to find them. I tracked down the vast majority of the items myself, and I've had help with a few items from helpful commenters. The GH wardrobe department does such a great job making each character have a unique look. In tracking down various items, it's fun for me to learn more about fashion and different stores. I'm so glad you love my page! Thanks for visiting and Happy New Year!!