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Elizabeth Webber's Grey Graphic Floral Sweatshirt - General Hospital, Season 53, Episode 179, 12/11/15

December 11, 2015

On today's GH, Elizabeth told Nikolas that Jason left her after learning how long she kept his identity a secret. During these scenes, Liz was wearing a grey sweatshirt with a graphic black floral print from J.Crew. Elizabeth's top is out of stock online, but you may still find it in stores.

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  1. Who makes the grey hoodie Sam was wearing?

  2. I would like to know where to get Sam's jacket, too. Also, how are you able to find the exact brands the characters are wearing so quickly do you have help?

    1. Hi Britt, Sam's leather jacket is pretty old. A commenter identified it for us a while ago: http://imasoapfan.blogspot.com/2014/11/sam-morgans-black-leather-jacket.html. Most posts are the result of a lot of my own searching. Some readers help when they recognize items, and I very much appreciate their info.

    2. No, not Sam's leather jacket, Sam's grey hoodie as someone previously commented, but I couldn't tell on my TV if her "hoodie" actually has a hoodie. Sam wore it on Season 53 Episode 179 Friday December 11, 2015, so in the same episode that Elizabeth wore the Graphic Floral Sweatshirt you posted. Please help me find her grey hoodie/jacket that's the only jacket that I really want from all of the clothes they wear on General Hospital. Besides, it's the first time I've seen Sam wearing it and it's from a recent episode so I'm hoping that who ever made that grey hoodie/jacket recently manufactured it and Sam is not wearing it from a manufacturer who made it a long time ago and now out of stock.