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Anna Devane's Mysterious Dog in the Union Jack Frame - General Hospital, Season 53, Episode 248, 03/24/16

April 04, 2016

If you follow me on twitter, then you might remember me tweeting the following question last week, "Why does Anna have a picture of a mysterious dog in a Union Jack frame on her desk? #GH." The dog wasn't a picture of Friday, Robert's sweet dog from the late 80s. And Anna doesn't have a dog, at least not onscreen. So who was this mystery dog? A couple people tweeted back and hypothesized that it was a gift from Queen Elizabeth II, as the dog looked like one of her corgis. Could Anna have received the frame as a gift for her service to the Queen?

Today, I solved the mystery, and it's not quite as exciting as our speculation. Anna's Union Jack frame is from Anthropologie, and it comes with the picture of a painted dog in the frame. You can purchase it there, along with a smaller version of the frame containing another painted pup. So my case is now closed. Let's hope our next Anna Devane mystery is a little more exciting.

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