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Jordan Ashford's Off-white Drape Front Jacket - General Hospital, Season 53, Episode 50, 06/10/15

June 15, 2015

On last Wednesday's GH, Jordan was shocked to see that TJ had been arrested. This storyline about racial profiling is really important, and I wish it was fully shown onscreen to have a bigger impact. Tequan Richmond (TJ) and Vinessa Antoine (Jordan) had some great scenes together last week.

During these episodes, Jordan was wearing an off-white jacket with an asymmetric drape front by Maje.

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  1. I agree with you! This story line would have more impact if we had seen TJ at Wyndham's. Seriously it's a store everyone shops at in Port Charles. Why not show it, have Maxie get a job there as a personal shopper. It's been a part of Port Charles since Luke and Laura got locked in and danced all night. But of course, Cartini would probably tell you that the budget didn't allow them to build the set or hire the under-5 to play the saleswoman and the security guard.

    1. Elizabeth, I love your ideas. Would have loved to see more about TJ's story, and like you mentioned, the Wyndham's set would be perfect for Maxie.