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Kiki Jerome's Berry Red and Blue Plaid Lace-Up Shirt - General Hospital, Season 54, Episode 12/22/16

January 04, 2017

A couple weeks ago on General Hospital, Kiki ran into Dillon at Kelly's and apologized for slapping him. After overhearing his conversation with Valerie, she was convinced that they were now a couple. Kiki headed over to Ava's place and told her about it. During these scenes, Kiki was wearing a berry red and black plaid shirt with a lace-up neckline from Express. Kiki's colorway is out of stock online, but her top is still available in blue/black check, white/blue/red plaid, and red/black/white plaid.

Kiki's Berry Red and Blue Plaid Lace-Up Shirt (out of stock online, still available in blue/black, white/blue/red, and red/black/white plaid). See more Express Clothing.

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  1. Happy New Year...
    Hear is one for you. Tues episode..Nina's earrings. Dangle..Black beads with purple? Bead matching the beautiful dress she was wearing. Know where these are from?