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Ciara Brady's Blue, White and Pink Plaid Shirt - Days of Our Lives, Season 51, Episode 09/29/16

October 09, 2016

Last week on Days of Our Lives, Ciara and Theo worried about Joey and Claire. During these scenes, Ciara was wearing a blue, white and pink plaid shirt by Paige. Along with Ciara's nocturnal/white/fuchsia combo, the shirt comes in many other colorways.

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  1. I found a black top that is very similar to the black top Sam Morgan was wearing on 10/7/16. I'm not sure if Sam's top is as shear as this, but it's the same sleeves and poncho fit. http://www.dillards.com/p/cremieux-abbey-pleat-front-knit/506290781?categoryId=PDPZ2&facetCache=pageSize%3D96%26beginIndex%3D480%26orderBy%3D1%26facet%3D-119661089799107

    1. Thanks anonymous! The sleeves and fit look a lot like Sam's top, but I'm not sure about the fabric. The Cremieux one looks like a sheer, shimmery knit, and Sam's looked very smooth and opaque.